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Jan 28, 2013 6:00pm EST
español] [locutor] "shamwari: una vida salvaje". (lyndal davies) a continuación en "shamwari": un rinoceronte pone nuestro equipo a prueba. es hora del baño para themba. una lección de supervivencia para los leones y nuestro veterinario. derribaremos al animal más agresivo de África. y la carga más peligrosa del mundo va a despegar. ahora estamos en problemas. va a ir por uno de los animales más peligrosos de África: el rinoceronte blanco, y la estudiante en práctica correrá un gran riesgo. (shioban) sí, estoy un poco nerviosa pero muy entusiasmada, me muero de ganas por ver qué va a pasar. (lyndal davies) los rinocerontes van a ser trasladados a otra parte del parque. (johan) ahora vamos a lanzarle un dardo a este rinoceronte. (lyndal davies) una vez sedado el rinoceronte, shioban va a tener que actuar rápido cubriéndole los ojos y tapándole las orejas para que no despierte. nuestro veterinario johan está consciente de los peligros de trabajar con un rinoceronte, es casi una tonelada de músculo y podría dañar seriamente nuestro vehículo. por suerte, los rinocer
Jan 23, 2013 11:30am PST
would be to go towards davis and associates as a consultant that we will be utilizing to help the pc staff. we move forward with the customer notification plan. happy to answer any questions or provide any dish detail. thank you. >> supervisor mar. >> thank you. i was going to ask, it came up in a couple communications. i guess one resident did raise a concern there may be conflicts of interest given that pg&e was a former client. >> currently davis does not have pg&e as a client. they have been a client of davis and associates in the past. as part of the proposal they submitted, they fully disclosed their previous that pg&e was a client in the past. we did have an independent panel. one of the panel questions was to disclose any conflict of interest and talk about relationships with p g&e which davis and associates did have as did other folks who completed for this contract. the independent panel who scored ultimately selected davis and associates felt confident that there wouldn't be any conflict of interest. also in our existing contract with davis and associates we have privac
Jan 1, 2013 11:30pm PST
the money would be spent. you guys did that. >> we did do that. >> did davis? >> they did not, we had conversations with davis & associations of the direction. but the outreach and communication about the early notification program has been staff driven. and we haven't outlined the money but have a plan, and that was presented at the joint meeting and you guys got a preview of that. this is developed in consultation with davis & associates but we took the lead of staff. >> that was my understanding, i think that the framework is strong and seemed to include everything in it. don't have a clear sense of what davis & associates would do, which portions they would take on and implement. relative to the staff-driven stuff. and whether between those two entities everything would get done that needs to get done. or to bring in an additional consultant or someone to make this program work. >> may i suggest, we have been trying to make sure that everyone is comfortable with the approach. and as juliet said that our approach is staff driven. given that it seems that everyone is okay with t
Jan 27, 2013 11:00pm PST
their commencement ceremonies. davis was there. >> reporter: students graduating from the university of san francisco rose to their feet and sheered -- cheered an act of bravery by these men. back then usfs team in the darker jerseys had a perfect record of nine wins and no losses. they should have been invited to a postseason bowl game. but this was during segregation. to play in a bowl the team would have to leave its two african american members ollie matson and toller behind but the team unanimously disagreed. this morning, the school gave the players an honorable doctorate. >> congratulations. >> that was nice. it's just something i never expected to happen. >> reporter: we talked to members of the team at a lunch reception after the ceremony. they're old friend who get together now at least once a year and when asked they recall the contentious time clearly. >> as far as we were concerned there was no race issue. you know, we were a family. and made no difference whether you are black or white or whatever. and it was just one family. >> and what a family. five from the team wen
Jan 12, 2013 11:00pm PST
yds. 183 yds on 14 carries. i cannot say it enough. no quarterback has ever done that. vern and davis gets and on the act. however, 119 yds. 581 total yards of offense the most ever by a 49ers team in the offense. the 49ers will set them up and they will play in atlanta or seattle. >> the offensive played great. and as well as up from our running back did well and we made some serious plac >> it was unbelievable, the serious plays... >> he was running all over the field. a big, strong, athletic, running the field, running the ball, throw one the ball. throwing the ball. >> and we were happy to get it back. >> we were competing like maniacs. and we will move on with humble parts >> humble parts. the 49ers but seattle and atlanta. seattle victory? they will come to candlestick park a week from tomorrow. however, if atlanta will have a victory? frisco go to atlanta 49ers and how about brother john?. and they were travelling inside 40 seconds, denver, 35/28. however, jones. and this incredible. denver was ready to party but they bled to overtime. 35-35 and peyton manning. not a bad day bu
Jan 11, 2013 8:00pm PST
! some things will. >> ahead at eight. we all know what 49-ers player vernon davis has done on the field. tonight. we'll show you how he's trying inspire kids. off the field. >> jacqueline: we are continuing to monitor temperatures it is going to be quite cold with a pop up a thunder shower. i will tell you all about that, coming up. >> pam: now for a look at our top stories at eight- thirty. sheriff's deputies in sonoma county are investigating the death of a man who's body was found in the warehouse of a recycling facility in petaluma. the greusome discovery was made at about two this afternoon. investigators are calling this death "suspicious". >> residents in san francisco take a stand against crimes against women. a rally was held in the mission district tonight. days after a woman was attacked and almost raped. that case. >> and flu season is ramping up in california. four deaths have been reported in the state. two in the sacramento area and two in southern califorina. influezna is also being reported as "widespread" in 47-other states. some hospitals in northern california are br
Jan 13, 2013 1:35pm EST
never put it. >> to jefferson davis ever when an actual election? >> he was a senator. wesson elections were -- and he was nominated in a constitutional convention as a moderate in montgomery alabama in february of 1861. i don't think he ever did stand for election. one of the things americans think, one of the things they're told, the confederate constitution was a replica of the u.s. constitution, but it was not. a number of crucial changes, and one of them was they had a one-term executive, and i believe it was 5-year executive term. he avoided reelection. >> professor mccurry, did -- was there a lot of political infighting during the war? >> yes. there was. and there were no for more -- for all political parties. one of the things that is interesting is that it so quickly became on the ropes that a lot of things that were planned never really materialized. and there was political opposition, but it was theoretically everybody was a democrat. there was no republican party. no republican party ticket offered in the south. you could not vote for lincoln. but there were all li
Jan 28, 2013 11:00pm EST
difficult year. vernon davis was raised in the city by his grand mother who still lives in northwest. but before davis made news for, going to the super bowl, his younger brother michael was named as the suspect in a deadly attack with a hammeren the s ei city. awaiting trial on murder and assault charges now. despite the challenges, davis' grand mother says vernon is ready. >> i am excited, very excited. you can't be nervous. you have to go in there and treat it like, it just any other game that you are playing a little harder. >> despite advice about not being nervous. mrs. davis says she is too nervous to watch vernon playing live. she is going to tape the games. coming up later this week. vernon davis's journey from dunbar to the terps to the nfl. and the story as our super bowl coverage continues from new orleans. >> what on earth is she going to do while everybody else is watching the game? >> as long as nobody spoils it and calls and says, hey did you see? >> i couldn't stand it. >> so, so, much calmer weather tonight and tomorrow morning? >> my goodness. much calmer. much calmer u
Jan 6, 2013 11:00pm PST
any money. davies stepped and gave old wr a million dollars interest free loan it was a true mark of the woman who would share so much of her life with hurst. she was his mistress but also her best friend. she was able to get her hands on $1 million in the depression. far beyond william hurst. the war that hurst opposed would rescue the empire. when the japanese attacked pearl harbor december 7, 1941 the united states was at war and the country was clambering for the news that hurst was willing and able to provide. after decades of anti japanese propaganda, the world validated japanese pleas. so hurst and davies packed up and left the castle and moved to the safety of wintoon. his 67,000-acre timber ridge estate in northern california. he would spend most of the war years there. but for the aging giant time was finally running out. >> follow second look on facebook and twitter. dñañy >>> in his 70s, hayes survived and was stronger than ever. but in 1947, at the age of 84, he became too ill to live in the isolated splendor of his castles. he would be forced to leave sansimian for
Jan 2, 2013 5:00pm EST
... in... theecoming ponths....///jjnnifer... davis... haa the latest... from... w. washington. president obama arrives n hawaii to resume his vacation - now that congress has ulled theecountry back after it briefly ell over the fiscal cliff..obama says "i willlsign wealttiest perccnt of pmericans while preventing a middle-class tax hike.. markets opened up after house members approved the senate deal that keeps taxxraaes the same for couples making less than 450 thoosand. hoyer says "we take a step, a positive pren't happy because the deal national debt over tte next ten years and puts off debaae military spending cuts for two months. shelby says "now he isswanting to talk about cutting spending. it's kind of a joke." the spending debate will now come as the country has to aise the debt ceiling. moran says "the probbem is we set up 3 more fiscal cliffs // we're onna look back on this night and regret it." nattpop "it is a betrayal by the sseaker." as the &phouse resumes wednnsday, there's also outrage that gop leadership didn't follow throughhonna scheduled vote for sandy reliif. some la
Jan 29, 2013 9:00pm PST
gospel to korea. yet, tragically, davi davies died the day after arriving in korea. his sacrifice was not in vain. it inspired the arrival of another 126 australian missionaries. >> i said, now this means we must give ourselves even more completely to preach the gospel to the koreans. >> reporter: one of the new missionaries, pastor noble mackenzie, built a medical facility to care for lepers. he eventually received a government cite fashio citation for his humanitarian work. two of his daughters founded the hospital in boshon. >> the lepers had to leave their home, but after they were able to be treated in the hospital, the patients were so thankful. >> reporter: another australian couple, a pastor and his wife, founded kin kindergartens and elementary schools. in the 120 years since joseph davies walked into boson, korea's christian population has grown to 15 million, and many are hearing for the first time how australians, along with the missionaries, brought them the gospel over a century ago. stan jeter, cbn news. >> wendy: thanks, stan. thank you for joining us this week. an
Jan 20, 2013 8:00am PST
. >>> belva davis was the first african-american woman hired as a tv reporter on the west coast. we will talk about her ground- breaking career. >> and finally, the belying day is here. fs jazz is ready to taupe door to their brand new bay area home. i am seuss seuss and that is next. . >>> welcome to the show. i am susan sikora. look up ground breaker and you should see a picture of belva davis. she defied the odds and became the first african-american reporter to work in television on the west coast. it has been quite a journey. what do you love about having worked in the bay area. >> my god, because the bay area loves me back. that is why. nothing better than having a romance. >> when i started in the business, i was asked to do news conferences and i was mistaken for a worker in a fancy hotel more than once. i had people that didn't want to walk down the street with me, photographers, who were not yet ready to being a mixed race couple. you have your gender moments, racial moments. the journalistic moments. they are all part of what makes you who you are. 1964. one of those famo
Dec 31, 2012 9:30pm PST
apartment association, also victoria and stefan moor and also brian davis. >> i am a community organizor with the commission sro collaborate ive. the purpose is to improve livering conditions and fight for housing justice. through my work in sro hotels i've seen a variety of health issues that sro tenants face including secondhand smoke. when the opportunity came up for us to learn more about this, we took it. for about 6 months we surveyed 300 tenants who lived in sro's and apartments in all 11 districts to find out how much second hand smoke affected them and if they would be interested in a disclosure policy. we found 57 percent of tenants had neighbors who smoke in their units and of those people, 59 percent reported secondhand smoke drifts in their apartment. they reported having someone in their unit whose illness was made worse by secondhand smoke. many people didn't have enough information to make an informed decision about where they were moving. only 40 percent reported knowing when they moved in and 72 percent said they would want to know. this legislation will do th
Jan 19, 2013 9:30pm EST
south. just never put state with the confederacy. >> did jefferson davis ever win an actual election? >> he was a senator. but what senator -- [inaudible] >> he was nominated to -- in a institutional convention as the moderate in alabama in february of 1861, and i don't think he stood for election. >> one of the things that americans think that the confederate constitution, one of the things they're told was a replica of the u.s. constitution. but it wasn't. they made a number of crucial changes. one was they had a one-term executive. i believe it was a five-year executive term. he avoid re-election. professor, ask -- was there a lot of infighting during the war in the south? >> yeah. there was. there was no formal political parties. i mean, one of the things that is interesting about the confederacy. quickly became on the ropes right, a lot of things that were planned never really material idessed -- materialized. and the political opposition, it was ab in a colleague kind of form. everybody was a democrat. there was no republican party no republican party ticket offered in the sout
Jan 20, 2013 8:00pm PST
culminating in a 4 yard touchdown pass to vernon davis 17-7 atl davis: 5 catches, 106 yds, td kaepernick: 16/21, 233 yds, td ryan - ends the half with this 10 yard touchdown strike to tony gonzalez 24- 14 atl ryan: 396 yards, 3 td's, 1 int gonzalez: 8 catches, 78 yds, if this is any indication. that was a great, great performance. if you figure in the super bowl it is going to be harbaugh vs harbaugh. if the patriots are of south florida few fun-thy beat it -- the new england patriots. however, joe3rd quarter 49ers open 2nd half with an 82 yard drive capped off by this frank gore 5 yard td run off tackle 24-21 atl gore: 21 carries, 90 yds, 2 tds following a 49ers interception of ryan the left upright from 38 yards out that would have tied it. harbaugh can't believe it akers - missed most fg's in nfl this year 4th quarter after a ryan fumble but fumbles at the 1 yard line and force punt field and gore races zone as 49ers take first lead of game with 8:23 left 28-24 sf ryan - finds harry douglas like it may have hit turf - but ruled a catch and 1st down whiteand that's the ballg
Jan 15, 2013 4:00pm PST
seized everything. >> public records show corporate paperwork goes to matthew davies, the property manager in stockton. >> cenk: that guy looks really dangerous. take a look at him with his family. a businessman doing something perfectly legal in california, so here comes it is obama justice department to try to put him in jail. there's something deeply wrong with our government. those are the guys in government. the guys out of government are about to cash in as serious money as mobbyists. i'll tell but that, too. it's go time. >> cenk: all right, look at the white house. that's where some new gun control proposals are coming out right now. there's news all over the place on gun control not just washington but also new york. governor cuomo passed the toughest gun laws in the country, it's going to get passed probably on tuesday. here he is talking about it. >> the first point is people who are mentally ill should not have access to guns, which then means you need a database of ownership so you can actually do those screens. mandatory life without parole if you kill a first respond
Jan 18, 2013 9:00pm EST
before. >> joshua davis, a contributing editor for "wired" magazine and nbc consultant was in the midst of writhe a profile piece on mcafee when story broke. >> let me ask you point-blank just for the record. >> no, sir. no, sir. it's not even funny. >> okay. >> that first, frantic week he spoke to mcafee several times a day and from the beginning mcafee seemed determined to tell his story as if it were an action epic. >> he says that the police came to his property on sunday. he saw them coming. he thought it was another attempt to harass him. he didn't know about the murder that point and he dug a hole in the sand like a dog and buried himself and put a cardboard box over his head so that they wouldn't find him. he stayed there for hours, he says, until the police left and then he ran off. >> mcafee told davis he was not alone, he had a young girlfriend with him. >> sam is quite the soldier. she has been with me for the past couple of months. >> his plan, if there was one, seemed to be to use the media's fascination with him to change the subject from who killed greg faull to a scatte
Jan 2, 2013 5:00am EST
respect for our commander-in-chief." davis says (oncam bridge): "here aa the newseum they're used to chronicling the coverage of history. bbt now they're gearing up to give the public a ront row seat to it." thompson says: "on inauguration day we're going to have 3500 visitors here at theenewseum." the &ptickets for inauguration day, which illlgive people access tt the extrrordinary viewss from its indoor balconies. thompson says: "from this prea you can see pennsylvania avenue where the president and &pmotorcade will drive by after swearrng in ceremony and during the parade." visitors can tour an or watch journalistt actually cover this year'' event from outdoor balconiee. weeks. thommson sayss "it's not every daa you get to watch history happee and that's one oo the thinn thatton here will be able tt see." visitors stay? one optiin is this swanky and &ppresidential suiteeat the mandarin orientall chocklett ssecial is our poous package - it's presiding over the nights - and are willing to 4 - fork over $11,000 a night -- youutoo could enjoy these luxxries accommodations. a panoramic
Jan 22, 2013 5:30pm EST
....who they say murdered his wife. &pthe suspectt.. darrrn ruffii... is accuseddof killinn melissa davis during an argument.police were called to an apartment on east north avenue friday night... where they found davis stabbed to &pdeath.court recordd show assaulting his wife the day before... and was released from jail just hours before a police officer assigned to protecting john leopolddsays he rove the county executive for sexual meetings with his t - mistress. as kathleen cairns reports...that wassjust oneeof the allegations that came out during leopold's misconduct trial in annapolis... . 3 (cairnss cpl. howard brrwn teetified for hours.,. he told the judge about his job workingg ecuuity detail for john llopold and said it innolved sex lies and politics. (church bells quick) there are plenty of people poing in and out of the courthouse.. snap hoto weeding quick)but anne arundel county executive john leopold is avoiding the media. hes on trial for misconduct. tuesday another offiicr assigged to leopold's security detail testified saying he ssgns... do background checks -3 on politic
Jan 1, 2013 11:35pm EST
might want to hear from this doctor. again, abc's lindsay davis. >> reporter: waking up the a nasty bout of nausea, battling a blinding head ache, hopefully nothing like what the guys in "the hangover" experienced. >> what the [ bleep ] happened last night. >> hey phil, am i missing a tooth? >> reporter: while no one argues excessive drinking can be harmful, some think the only sure cure for a hangover is time. and then there's dr. leonard grossman. >> once you have the hangover, you're done. there's at least four hours of your life that's just lost. >> reporter: he says he's created a way to prevent hangovers without vinegar, pickles, or raw eggs. it's called bytox and he says it does for the hangovers what dramamine patches do for motion sickness. he says this is like being attached to an iv, continuously infusing vitamins into the bloodstream. >> alcohol in itself is a diuretic. the kidneys go into overdrive and you're basically washing out everything that's water soluble. >> reporter: he created it with alex, who suffered a hangover so awful, he had to call in his family friend
Jan 19, 2013 9:00pm PST
davis, jim harbaugh, that is where our talk lies. there is a lot of work that goes into that. everybody is dialed in. >> a.f.c. title game, rematch of last year. that game followed san francisco atlanta and niners coupled with raiders win and john and jim. >> i want to see the score and 49ers can't get emotionally wrapped up in that stuff. we need to focus on our game. i'm proud of jim, he a great competitor, toughest i've ever seen. i've had to deal with him since he was born. >> brotherly love. >> raiders have hired greg olson to be their new offensive coordinator. he spent the past season as jaguars assistant. >> here is good news, seth curry is returning tonight. ed bad. david lee sat out. a tweaked ankle. the calm before the storm, niners hope to be playing from the louisiana superdome tomorrow. and you are not welcome here says anthony davis but richard jefferson, he responds with this reverse flush and golden state, great third quarter. puts new orleans on top and tied at 104, clay thompson, a game high of 29 points. tied at 110, curry to jared jackson, 25 for jack. curry had 20.
Jan 20, 2013 11:00pm PST
touchdown pass to vernon davis 17-7 atl davis: 5 catches, 106 yds, td kaepernick: 16/21, 233 yds, td ryan - ends the half with this 10 yard touchdown strike to tony gonzalez 24- 14 atl ryan: 396 yards, 3 td's, 1 int gonzalez: 8 catches, 78 yds, td 3rd quarter 49ers open 2nd half with an 82 yard drive capped off by this frank gore 5 yard td run off tackle 24-21 atl gore: 21 carries, 90 yds, 2 tds following a 49ers interception of ryan david akers- boots one off the left upright from 38 yards out that would have tied it. harbaugh can't believe it akers - missed most fg's in nfl this year 4th quarter after a ryan fumble kaepernick - hits michael crabtree over the middle who fights to get into end zone but fumbles at the 1 yard line the 49ers force 3 and out and force punt 49ers come right back down field and gore races untouched 9 yards into end zone as 49ers take first lead of game with 8:23 left 28-24 sf 4 mins left, falcons down 4 ryan - finds harry douglas on 3rd down - ball looks like it may have hit turf - but ruled a catch and 1st down harbaugh goes ballistic >> it was a great pl
Jan 21, 2013 6:00am EST
first half. 17-14. fern and davis went to maryland -- vernon davis went to maryland. 28-24. the 49ers will be going to the super bowl. sorry, san francisco. we're a few behind. we can hardly wait. >> 6:27. >> ravens fans could not be more excited they are heading to the super bowl. more on their reaction. >> sarah caldwell checking on your morning commute. will update you on what to expect for ina >> you're watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late-breaking. this is 11 news today at 6:00 a.m. >> good morning. welcome back to 11 news today. i'm stan stovall. >> and i'm mindy basara. thanks for joining us for 11 news today. will the ravens be practicing for the super bowl in cold temperatures this week? >> temperatures will be in the 20's for highs. today will be our transition day. it is 30 at the airport. a chance for snow showers and flurries as the arctic front comes then. in. >> there ravens make their first trip to the super bowl in 13 years. >> very cool. ravens fans celebrated that victory with 13 years' worth of energy in the making. kim dacey joins us live from fells point.
Jan 29, 2013 12:35am EST
almost entirely hispanic crowds. but is it all an act? angie davis brings us a ring-side seat. >> from phoenix, arizona, r.j. brewer. >> reporter: r.j. brewer is el mero malo. he is a loud-mouthed anti-immigration crusader in this mexican themed u.s. wrestling tour. >> it's legal very illegal. >> reporter: he is a metaphor call punching bag for american latinos frustrated and outraged over immigration policy. >> r.j. brewer is taking punishment here. >> reporter: one of the most popular specht cats in mexico, they are known for their masks and acrobatics. the stars are typically unknown but not brewer. >> this is not a character for me. it's pro wrestling but my message is real. this is how i feel. it's my job as an american citizen to protect my country against enemies foreign and domestic. >> reporter: his agenda and stage name resembles another. jan brewer is the man he pretends is his mother. >> she is the only one who has the guts to say secure the border. >> portraying himself as the son of jan brewer was a stroke of genius. it took the character from a character people
Jan 20, 2013 6:00pm EST
in the death of davis. the responded to a call for aggravated assault. that is where they found davis suffering from stab wounds. she died from her injuries. investigators say they apparently knew each other and have been arguing before the stabbing. >> of the crows are growing. the marching bands are turning up for the inauguration day. -- the crowds are growing. tomorrow is the second inauguration of president obama. >> his second term is already officially underway. steve has the latest on the pop and procedure. >> just before noon, president obama was sworn in for a term two by chief justice john roberts. this was the official oath. >> to preserve, protect come and defend the constitution. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> hugs from his family. his daughter joked that he did not mess up. neither did the chief justice who used notes. vice-president biden was sworn in by justice sotomayer. tomorrow's ceremonial swearing- in is at the capitol. pennsylvania avenue is set for the parade, delayed like the ceremony because there never held on sunday. police around the nation will bols
Jan 2, 2013 11:00pm EST
12óx payroll tax --please export as pbffópayrollótaxxup][eric pelivery trucc]for eric davis -- a beer deliveryman -- the -3 door to life'' little - pleesures has closed as the new year begins.[ntsnd of door trt:02[take eric davis sound] sot in 21:56 "you have to makk some addustments. so life is going to be lesssfun in 2013 than it was in 2012? dollars in davvs' paycheck means fewerrtrips to thh favorite estaurant. like many middle waae earnerr he'll ffel the sting of a two percent increase in the payroll tax.[sot i damian baccarella ]sot in 27:27 3 of people's ppychecks it'' goiig to have an immact not only on the person, and heir & family but whereever elle they spend money."trt=:07lawmakers &willingly allowee tte payroll tax cut to expire[takeegrappic] but when it comes to corporate tax breaks --- well, in place. such as a tax on ruu with most of the oney -- nearly 550 mmllion dollars flowing backkto puerto rico and the virgin islands.want to build a nascar race track? & no worries you can still qualify for a tax break. that has cost taxxayers more than 400million dollars over
Jan 7, 2013 10:00am PST
. >> supervisor, just to highlight the point that we do have davis and associates, but as we look at the makeup of the team if there is additional -- >> they're brilliant and great and everything but they're land use. seems to me -- i don't associate them working directly with low income communities of color certainly. >> what resources they don't have under their contract what we will have them do is supplement and add resources to their team to accomplish that. >> it will be interesting to see how that works. >> yes. we will define what resources -- >> they're great at what they do but i don't know if they're the group that i associate working effectively with low income residents of color. >> i agree with you. >> and we're talking about the targeted areas and the areas on the heat map and consist of a particular type of outreach as well. we're looking at retention rate of 37% across the whole city. is that what i read? >> yeah 37 in the last survey. >> across the whole city. what are we looking at as retention rates in the target areas to gain through the initial outreach effort, the
Jan 24, 2013 7:30am EST
korea policy glyn davis sris met in south with south korean's chief of nuclear development. after the meeting he called on provocations and to work on ties with the south. >> without sustained improvement in interkorean relations, u.s./dprk ties cannot fundamentally improve. >> davies says the u.s. and south korea will consider imposing their own sanctions after carrying out the widened u.n. sanctions against the north's rocket launch. he will be visiting china on friday and then will head to japan to coordinate policy on north korea. >>> all of the players in this high-stakes game have north koreans turn words into actions before. hiroki iwijima has been covering this for years. is the north in position to conduct a nuke year test? >> this came from the national defense commission which often doesn't make statements. we can see these as a final warning. the nuclear analyst tells nhk that north korean scientists are letting it go. they are in a northern area where the previous nuclear test happened. he knows this because it has been used before. but he says nuclear officials are m
Jan 20, 2013 6:00pm PST
to colin kaepernick. photographer gore and -- we talked to frank gore and vernon davis. >> it's amazing. it's amazing. it's something that i've been dreaming of all my life as a kid. going to the super bowl. super bowl. and, i mean, and we're here. >> couldn't be more proud of the team. i told them all year long, when the going to gets tough, i wouldn't want to be with any other team, and our team has shown what type of team we are. even when it's not pretty. even when we should be dog better than we are, we just continue to fight. >> work hard on the field, off the field coaches put is in great positions, and it shows. it showed in the second half. >> colin kaepernick had the third fewest starts in any quarterback in nfl hoyt to make it the super bowl with eight. we'll have a lot more coming up later in sports. reporting leave from the georgia dome, mike shumann. abc7 news. >> ama: now to abc7 news reporter lillian kim. >> larry: lillian? reporter: we're on king street and fans poured on to the sidewalk moments of the niners win. they have been watching the game at popular bars
Jan 28, 2013 11:30am PST
without the proper supports. so that is all i have got to say. >> thank you. next is shelly davis. >> hi. okay. my name is shelly davis. sorry. is this good? >> yes. >> hi. my name is shelly davis. i am a 20-year-old college student. i am particularly commenting on the lack of programs for younger people with disabilities, particularly for getting help with programs such as ssi and housing assistance. the reason is that you often get shuffled around. there is no definitive counseling that tells you to do any one particular thing. so counseling options for younger people would be great. and for getting ssi, i think there should be a local financial assistance while you are waiting for your ssi, because there are financial hardships. and that is really concerning. and basically, in conclusion, i think that the programs right now, they don't facilitate independence as mentioned earlier. the programs, they don't facilitate good transition. so i think that if there are better connections and more programs specifically for youth with disabilities, that we can become more productive members of
Jan 3, 2013 6:00pm PST
davis, i live in the bayview, 92124. i am here for 3 things. the first thing is to show you a petition that some of my neighbors and i put together for lieutenant robert oh sullivan to be promoted as the permanent captain at the bayview station. we got a hundred signatures very quickly. >> (inaudible) on that? >> mr. davis and i discussed that that has happened. >> granted. thank you, chief, and thank you, mr. davis. >> the second thing that now captain o sullivan is the permanent captain at the station, we'd like him to stay for a while. i know with paramilitary organizations it's up and out but we think that would be counter productive in this case, he's been there two years, we work very well with him and we'd like him to stay. if that's possible we'd like that to happen. the third thing i'd like to mention is some calls for service data that i got from the turk street department of what are they called, you know, the custodian of records. first little packet here is about what we call mendell plaza, that would be between oakdail and palou and the 1300 block and 1400 block
Jan 13, 2013 9:00am PST
going to say, you know, i'm very glad to be here. >> no one knows mcafee quite the way joshua davis does. long before mcafee became a person of interest in the murder of his neighbor, davis visited the software pioneer in the jungle, watched him play russian roulette twice. and he wrote a chilling piece called john mcafee's last stand. what caused you to be so curious about this man so early? i mean, we were all fascinated when he started to flee and was stressing up as a bettgerman tourist. but you figured out early he was somebody to take a look at. >> six months before that, the end of april, he was raided by the gang suppression unit of the belizean police force and charged with running a meth lab in the jungle. and i just thought no way. how is that possible? >> the software guy. >> the software guy, a guy who basically created the anti-virus industry is now in the jungle running a meth lab? and so i figured there had therehad to be more to it. so i went down there in june. >> call him on the phone and say -- >> i e-mailed him, said i'd like to come visit and hear your side of
Jan 10, 2013 1:35am EST
molestina caught up with one of these guys. he's live now with that story. ken. >> reporter: corey davis, the man you're about to meet, has been confined to a wheelchair for about 13 years now. he never thought much about gun control until the day he was shot. as he sits at home in his apartment. >> i can't ever forget that. >> reporter: corey davis reflects on the day that forever changed his life some 13 days ago. >> next thing i tried to smack him with a brick. >> reporter: a street fight, he says, that led to a still unknown person pulling out a gun and shooting him. the bullet went in the left side of his neck and came out of his back. >> went straight for the ground and i couldn't move my arms or legs. >> reporter: he was left paralyzed from the neck down. therapy later helped him regain feeling and control of his arms and chest, but that's about it. the one thing that wasn't severely damaged were his thoughts on what he has come to describe as a city overrun with illegal guns. >> dirty weapons. that's the problem. dirty weapons. those are the ones that the law enforcement need to
Jan 3, 2013 4:30am EST
word on when the other two will reopen. for more on the commute, here's alexis davies in for danella. >> reporter: overall the beltway is running smoothly. there's a water main break as you mentioned. two southbound lanes closed between cumberland and dorsett avenue. elsewhere, taking a live look at 270 here, northbound lanes are the headlights heading into the screenment very little problems being reported there. elsewhere on the roadways, live look at 395 here at duke street. then again at the 14th street bridge, a 12-minute ride from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. aaron and eun? >> thank you. >>> 4:32. news4's melissa mollet with more. good morning. >>> good morning. we're getting information about two u.s. drone strikes overnight in northwest pakistan that killed 13 people including a senior taliban commander. he was ayoung nine people killed in a house. he had been injured in a suicide bombing in november. just to the north another four people were killed when a missile hit a vehicle. as soon as we get more information, we'll pass it along. at the live desk, melissa moll
Jan 14, 2013 8:00pm EST
projects under the act from the davis bacon act. as you're aware that act requires federal construction contractors to pay at least the wages rates prevailing on nonfederal construction projectness the same locality. unfortunately the sampling methodology employed under the davis bacon act is so flawed that in some instances 100% error rates have been discovered in multiple audit samples. these error rates cause rates to bear little relation to prevailing wages, leading the government to overspend up to 22% over market wages on these projects. davis bacon increases the cost of construction projects by 9.9% and inflates the cost of federal construction and wastes taxpayer dollars mitchell amendment expedites -- financial responsibility in contracts, and i ask my made be ruled in order. [inaudible] >> i don't have any questions for the panel but i want to say there's been a real epidemic of logic here tonight, one that i haven't seen in a long time. and i just have to comment on that. i don't make too many comments about -- or ask too many questions, and i have to say, particularly dr. ca
Jan 7, 2013 9:30pm PST
-sponsorship of the legislation and we look forward to seeing it before the full board. >> mr. davis or miss weiss >> good afternoon again, my name is ernestine weiss and i congratulate you on your effort to do this, eric, but this is seriously flawed and inadequate. there's no such thing as a smoke free apartment option because when tenants get in, they are going to smoke and it's going to drift 2 apartments away and to my apartment, which has only one sliding door since it's a studio and i have to close my door and i can't have fresh air. so this is totally inadequate. we have to ban all smoking in apartments, petaluma just did it, did you read about that? other cities have done it too. this is the only way to deal with this. tenants are not going to comply even if they have the option and so forth you know they are not going to do the right thing. and it's very hard to enforce. so it does nothing to prevent people from having lit cigarettes on my terrace several times during my tenancy. it's dangerous, it can start fires because people store things on their terraces. it's impossible.
Jan 29, 2013 11:00pm EST
angle here with the san francisco 49ers. some folks might not know vernon davis is a terp. we talked to him what it is like now playing in the super bowl against a maryland team. >> he would not think there would be a local angle to the san francisco portion of medi day but vernon davis played for the university of maryland in it'searly 2000's and says prepared him for the nfl. >> a lot of what i learned at college, you take that with the win go to the nfl. standing it into the weight room like colin and putting in the extra work. >> then there is the story line of play against the ravens, a team he grew up watching. he says it is surreal plan against them. >> home town team for me. to play against the ravens, it means a lot to me. when i was a kid, it was either the redskins or the ravens. when i think back, it is like wow, i am playing the ravens. obviously one of us will lose but either way, the university of maryland wins. >> torrey smith also played at the university of maryland. while they did not play together, they do talk to each other often, especially through twitter and have
Jan 3, 2013 4:30am EST
immediately grounded. it's a problem aircraft engineer ian davies has been grappling with. davies: well, we know ash and engines don't mix, because this modern turbo fan engine behind me basically takes in hundreds of cubic meters of air every second. narrator: any volcanic ash sucked into the engine-- which heats up to 2,000 degrees fahrenheit-- melts and sticks to vital parts. and when it does that, it will cause a surge stall, which is effectively a backfire, and in doing so we can get flames out the front and out the back of the engine... and ultimately it will shut down. narrator: fred prata, an imaging expert, is developing a unique system that could help. it's called avoid. prata: this instrument here is a fast sampling dual camera system measuring in the infrared. infrared radiation is heat. every molecule in the atmosphere that's vibrating emits infrared radiation. narrator: ash particles also emit infrared radiation at a particular wavelength. prata: now, they have a particular spectral signature in the infrared which is quite different to that of other things in the atm
Jan 7, 2013 6:00pm PST
preparing to face the packers and aaron rodgers. mark ibanez is up next with the role vernern davis plans to play in that game on saturday. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible. >>> mark is here now with sports. this will be a good one, packers, 9ers. >> i am glad it is on saturday because that is less ramp up time. we want to get to the game and cut with the preview stuff. got to think about the 49ers issues. smith's injury. and the place kicking issues and what about the disappearance of vernon davis? he is the invisible man. so much a
Jan 22, 2013 11:00pm PST
is all i have got to say. >> thank you. next is shelly davis. >> hi. okay. my name is shelly davis. sorry. is this good? >> yes. >> hi. my name is shelly davis. i am a 20-year-old college student. i am particularly commenting on the lack of programs for younger people with disabilities, particularly for getting help with programs such as ssi and housing assistance. the reason is that you often get shuffled around. there is no definitive counseling that tells you to do any one particular thing. so counseling options for younger people would be great. and for getting ssi, i think there should be
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